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Where to Find Brands That Want to Work With You

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So, you’re not sure where to find brands that actually want to work with you.

I get it because I’ve been there, and since I’m all about helping you be successful in this area, here are my top tips to finding those brands!

Take advantage of your home

Break out a good ole’ fashioned notepad and walk around your home making a list of the products you use in your day-to-day. Brands LOVEEEEE when they know the product you’re promoting is one you ALREADY use since it will be an authentic share! 

Monetize your current followers ⁣

As a creative, you’re likely already followed by a few (if not dozens) of brands that are ALREADY diggin’ your content. Reach out to them! ⁣

Fun fact: My relationship with @nymbrands began a YEAR ago, , when they DM’d me saying they wanted to send me products to try out. Fast forward to now and we’ve worked together on dozens of campaigns. You NEVER know what can happen by paying attention to your DM inbox + what brands are already engaging with your content! 

Other Influencers ⁣

Whenever I see another creative work with a brand on sponsored post and it’s a product/service I would also be interested in covering, I “” the post to a collabs folder to refer back to later! It’s a great way to know that the brand is already involved in influencer marketing + gives me a good connection to make when I email them myself. ⁣

Third Party Platforms ⁣

I personally don’t use these as much, but I did when I first started out and it was great for gaining experience! I personally liked the following: AspireIQ, Activate by Bloglovin’, MAVRCK, Izea, Tapinfluence, and Collectively. ⁣⁣

If you’re intrigued by all things “working with brands” and looking for personalized help and structure to establish an outreach strategy that works for YOU? ⁣⁣

Then make sure to check out my “Programs” page by clicking here.

I hope this post was helpful! Let me know which of these tips you’re already using or are going to adopt into your strategy. 

Cheers to monetizing your influence!

xx, Kahlea⁣

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