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What’s a Media Kit and Why Do You Need One?

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⁣When I was a brand new baby to the influencing community, some of my biggest wonders were:

“What in the world is a “media kit”?”

“Do I need one?”

“How do I make one that knocks brands socks off?”

Since my heart is centered around helping you launch your biz and monetize your influence, YOU BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR I’m about to break all these q’s down for you, sis. 

Here we go:

👉🏼 Definition: A Media Kit is a 1-2 page PDF that explains everything a brand needs to know about working with you. Think of it like your resume as a creative. ⁣⁣

👉🏼 Why you need one: It’s common for brands to request a media kit from you when you’re in the process of emailing them about a potential collaboration. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunities (or revenue) by not having yours handy! ⁣⁣

👉🏼 Where to get one: Free template from Canva (Google: Canva Media Kit Template), purchase a template off of Etsy or Creative Market, or (what I do) is hire my graphic designer to create one with all my branding colors and fonts. ⁣⁣

👉🏼 What it should include:⁣⁣

⭐️ Your bio (a brief intro about who you are and what you do. Keep it between 2-3 sentences) ⁣⁣

⭐️ Analytics (could be social stats, growth rate, engagement, or a mix of them all) ⁣⁣

⭐️ Demographics (this will help the brand determine if you have the audience they want to reach) ⁣⁣

⭐️ Blog or website (should be a section that has a brief bio of either, page views, unique visitors, etc) ⁣⁣

⭐️ Past Partnerships (I like to include logos of brands I’ve worked with previously and then link those logos to the content I did with the brand) ⁣⁣

⭐️ Testimonials (Think of these like personal “reviews” for how you work with other brands on campaigns)⁣

Ready to build an authentic and professional media kit that lands brand deals like no other? Then my new Media Kit Guide was created just for you, friend! Click here to check it out!

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