Kahlea Nicole Influencer Coach Monetization Opportunities

Types of Monetization Opportunities


I’m a big believer that you should NOT be making brand deals your one and ONLY source of income. Revenue stream diversity is KEY to optimizing your business for LONG term growth.⁣

With that being said, here are a few other ways you can monetize your knowledge: ⁣


+ Ebooks: I have two of these on my site (www.kahleanicole.com) and they are a simple way to develop a passive income stream! ⁣⁣

+ Templates: Have a tried and true system you follow for creating content? Booking clients? Selling in your DM’s? People LOVE gaining access to a quick + easier way of doing something. For example, I’ll be releasing PITCH templates on my new site this summer.⁣

+Workbooks: Similar to templates, but with less “hand holding.” ⁣

+ Courses / Masterclasses: Key tip – Teach these LIVE first so you can teach with ENERGY, record the sessions, and then add them as a passive product on your site.⁣

+ Webinars: You see these a lot as FREE options, however, when I do my Digital Intensives, I charge $99 for 2 hours of my time! ⁣⁣

+ Consulting / Coaching: There are SOO many opportunities here. Everything from teaching social media to how to properly dive with sharks.

+ Management: ALLLL entrepreneurs + creatives out there need to outsource tasks that lie out of their zone of genius. I have personally hired a VA, a PA, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, PR Manager, etc over the last 4 years in business.⁣

Some more ideas include: ⁣

+ A physical book, hosting a podcast (stay tuned for 2020 😏 Hint hint), speaking engagements, hosting events, paid internships with a creative you admire, and becoming a spokesperson (think Red Carpet interviews)!⁣

And listen – don’t knock your skill sets & areas of expertise because you think they’re a “no brainer.”⁣

Somebody NEEDS to learn what you KNOW and you’re doing them a DISSERVICE to keep all that knowledge to yourself.⁣

How are YOU diversifying your revenue streams this year? Have an idea (or two) but not sure how to act on them in order to turn them into an actual business and revenue stream? Then, you should sign up for my 1:1 Coaching so we can get started! Click here to learn more.

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