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Media Kit Guide with BONUS Template!


I know you see a lot of free posts about Media Kits. I know you’re probably wondering why this is worth your money. Well, unlike most of the free material that says “include this, include that,” I’m sharing how you word the information, not just what to include. Plus, you’ll be getting a pretty swanky Media Kit Template as well that will make customizing and designing  yours just that much easier.



I know exactly what you’re thinking right now. “Another blogger putting something out about Media Kits, and she wants me to pay for the info?! There are a ton of other people putting out similar info for free! Why would I pay?!

That is a totally valid argument, my friend!

Here’s why my guide is way different though. Most of what you see floating out there for free is just that, free. It’s the kind of information that everyone has already spoken about, heard about, put into practice, etc. Not that it’s not important information to include, it’s just not the entirety of what’s going to help you secure the partnership.

Plus, most of that free mumba jumbo says “include this, include that” without telling you how to include those things. How you word the information is just as important as the information you include.

 So, for this ebook, I’ve written a checklist and guide that’s designed to take you straight to the point and right to the design board.  It includes a breakdown of what to include, why to include it, and the exact wording that I use in my kit.

No More:

  • Hours spent researching and trying to figure out how to organize and word the mess of information you’re being fed.
  • Putting it off because it’s just such a hassle (#amiright).
  • Downloading free templates that don’t accurately portray the value you have to offer and aren’t that cute (can I get an amen?!).

PLUS- if you purchase this eBook you will be emailed an additional FREE Media Kit template, editable in InDesign! And I think it is pretty cute *wink wink*


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