If you’re looking to break into the content creator space but have zero experience…

Give yourself the next 3 weeks, and I’ll show you exactly how to:

Master the step-by-step framework to landing paid brand collabs!

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You might ask yourself:
How do I even start?
Is the industry too saturated?
Am I unique enough to stand out? 

You’ve heard and seen other people on social media making an extra 4-figures per month but you aren’t sure you can do the same thing.

You desire a career that you love while supporting your family, easily paying your monthly bills, and taking those trips you have on your bucket list…But imposter syndrome and the what-ifs keep holding you back.

Does this sound like you?

Which of these thoughts keep you up at night?

  • You need 10k followers to work with brands 

  • The industry is too saturated and you missed your chance 

  • you Aren’t sure how to make the right connections and stand out to brands

  • you're Worried you won’t make back an investment in your business (so you only sign up for freebies)

N2N Lite is the one place you can get all of your questions answered so you can work for yourself and make your own schedule.

Because, let's be real, no one has time for burnout or decision fatigue.

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A 3-module game plan for the creative that’s just starting out in the industry.

Master the same strategies, tactics, and techniques used by creators who have 4-6 figures in contracts! Completely transform your mindset and strategy around how you create content, pitch to brands, and form long-term relationships with the companies you love.

Hi, I’m Kahlea Nicole! Brand Collab Coach, Content Creator, and Entrepreneur. Over the last several years I've worked with over 100 brands across varying niches such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, tech, and home.

I've coached hundreds of students on how to land paid brand collabs, and helped them net 6 figures+ in brand deals.

On behalf of brands, I’ve been paid to: create social media content, host events, speak on panels and at conferences, travel across the nation to interview country music artists, attend New York Fashion Week, and more. 

What started as a creative outlet in college became the catalyst allowing me to quit my job, become a full time content creator, and pay for my bills through talking about the brands I’m obsessed with. 

The second that I stopped working with companies as a hobby and started approaching it as a career is when the game changed for me. 

And the good news? This is the kind of narrative you could be living too. 

Ready to trade hours of scouring the internet to building a successful brand no matter how many followers you have? That’s why I am here!

I want this to be me

Why content creators everywhere are choosing Kahlea as their Brand Collab Coach

Before working with Kahlea, I had no clue on how to work with brands and felt insecure about my small audience. After working with Kahlea, I learned to leverage my high engagement with my audience and I was able to land my first hotel partnership!

"I was able to land my first hotel partnership!"


N2N helped me convert most of my long term collaborations into paid partnerships as well as give me the clarity to walk away from brands that don’t see my value.

"I used to struggle with negotiating and turning gifted collaborations into paid ones."


The one and only requirement?
You are ready to put in the work.

Straight to-the-point videos
(without all the fluff)

Actionable exercises created to give you confidence when pitching to brands

Downloadable worksheets to negotiate and guide you through conversations

Implement these proven strategies into practice to find your version of success.

Just like a business isn’t built in a day, N2N Lite is the brick-by-brick approach you need to land your dream collaborations next month and years down the road… 

N2N Lite will give you the knowledge and exclusive approach you’re missing to setting your rates, sending pitches brands actually respond to, and negotiating like a pro.

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Each module contains:

provides the industry basics and up-to-date trends to start your journey towards earning 4-6 figures in brand deals.

What you’ve seen online for free is a small piece to the puzzle. The brand collab industry is filled with unknowns and uncertainties. 

As shocking as it is that gatekeeping seems to be the norm…

No more secrets - you’ll learn what it actually takes & gain a perspective that most courses and memberships don’t have:

Growing your business from the beginning with the brand’s perspective in mind (yes! specifically what brands are looking for)! 

I’ve got you covered (and I am sharing all the juicy secrets).

N2N Lite is designed for the beginner that needs a place to start!

You’ll get the invaluable and specific details to start and gain the traction you desire (that a freebie, Youtube video, or $37 offer won’t cover)!

Get instant access now!

module breakdown

No more guesswork.

No more searching hours online.

No more freebies and low dollar offers that aren’t cutting it. 

Go from “what the heck am I doing” to sending 4 figure invoices in one of the fastest growing industries. 

Transform from beginner to brand collab expert. Here’s what is waiting for you when you become a founding member of N2N Lite:

The truth about monetizing your talents & skillsets

Identify your content buckets, learn how to build a community that attracts brands, and steal my content creation strategy


the easiest way to prepare before sending a pitch

There’s a chance you aren’t sure how to start.
By the end of N2N Lite you’ll know exactly how to land brand collabs step-by-step from the very beginning.

How to find a brand's contact, draft your winning pitch email, share collab ideas brands will love, and implement a seamless step-by-step follow up process


The most important elements of negotiation and contracts

Determine your rates, build confidence to negotiate with brands, learn what contract specifics to look for, and when to do a gifted exchange collab


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Why our most successful students love what I teach:

Ready to add another zero (or two) to your monthly income and build your standout brand as a creative?

Module 1: Establish your monetizable skills

$2,000 value

Module 2: Write and send your pitch to a brand

$2,000 value 

Module 3: master Negotiation and reading brand contracts

$2,000 value

BONUS: Media Kit guide and template

$150 value 

BONUS: Rate sheet guide and template 

$150 value

BONUS: Brand partnership glossary 

$100 value

Total Value = $7,550

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It’s Your Turn!

When you join N2N Lite, you’ll get instant access to:

BONUS: Invoice template

$150 value

BONUS: UGC Guest Interview with Anna Page

$1,000 value

It’s time to transform you and your business just like these creators have!

 Kahlea has thought of every area you might need to know in order to work with brands successfully. Now I have so much clarity and confidence when pitching to brands. If you are the girl who doesn't think she's good enough to work with brands this is the course for you!

"The VIP backstage pass to the influencer industry."


Kahlea helped me become confident in pitching to brands, recognizing my worth, and not settling for less than what I deserve for a partnership.

"Before working with Kahlea, I struggled with knowing my worth when it came to working with brands."


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Total Value = $7,550

Your Investment Today =

  • Staying up till 1 a.m. on a work night researching and watching Youtube videos

  • Scrolling on TikTok or IG stalking creatives who are making an extra $1-5k a month 

  • Downloading every freebie you find yet only becoming more confused 

That’s why I created N2N Lite to help you begin and LAND brand partnerships instead of wishing you could. 

You simply can’t keep going at this pace. If you don’t come up with a plan, you are going to run yourself into the ground like I almost did trying to do it all by myself.

This way of building a successful business just isn’t sustainable.

With everything you’ve already got going on, you don’t have time to sit around for another few weeks and let the lack of direction stop you from making a move. 

A freebie or wasting hours online searching for the answer isn’t going to get you to where you want to go.

You need a proven system that makes the BEST use of the little time you have.

Does that exist? Is it possible?

Yes, it absolutely is. 

So what’s it going to be? Waiting and wishing? 

Or taking action and implementing the system that has given me (and others) a foundation of going from $0 to 4-6+ figures. 

I need this, enroll now

Your dream and your goals are on the line. It’s time for some honest and real talk, friend!

Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

Have a pressing question you need answered before enrolling? I’ve listed the most common questions below but if for some reason you don’t see your question, reach out and email: kahlea@kahleanicole.com so I can assist you.

Will N2N Lite work for my niche? 

Without a doubt! Whether you’re a photographer, content creator, blogger, influencer, copywriter, underwater basket weaver - you name it - this course will show you how to effectively pitch to brands in a mutually beneficial way. 

What would make a student of N2N Lite successful?

They show up and put in the work. They implement what I’ve taught in the lessons and directly apply it to their business to see results. What you get out of N2N Lite will be a direct result of what you put IN. 

If I am just getting started, and I haven’t landed any paid collabs yet, is this a good fit for me?

This is the BEST fit for you if you’ve never landed a paid deal. The benefit of joining NOW when you’re just starting out is that you can do things the right way, the first time! This means you’ll hit the ground running with good habits and strategies from the start.  

I don’t have a big following, will this course help me?

Yes, it will! There are creators with 1,000 followers bringing in BANK with other creatives with 100,000 followers that aren't charging for their work. Plus, through the course I'm showing you how to leverage your talents and skills (not just your audience size) to monetize through partnerships. Next to that, if you're wanting to do UGC for brands (where your follower count doesn't matter at all), I'm showing you exactly how to pitch and land those deals.

How much time will this course take to implement?

Your total time investment with this course is 4 hours! It’s totally self-paced so you’re able to go through it at a speed that works best for you and your schedule. 

How is N2N Lite different from other courses on working with brands? 

The goal of the course is to not only educate you on the topic of influencer marketing, but on how to leverage and monetize your unique skills and talents as a whole. It was also created with the help of a director who worked on the brand side of influencer marketing for 4 years to ensure that what was taught in the course are the foundations you need to know when building mutually beneficial partnerships with brands.