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How to Organically Boost Your Instagram Engagement


While we CAN’T control how the algorithm ACTS, we CAN control how we RESPOND by making sure we’re not just pointing fingers at it, but actively working to combat it. Without further ado, I’m breaking down the Goliath of all tips when it comes to organically boosting your engagement on Instagram:⁣

Here’s where to start 👇🏼⁣⁣


If you’re using broad hashtags like #business and #girlboss you’re digging yourself into a ditch because (1) they have over a million hits and your post is going to get lost in the depths of that tag and (2) it tells me NOTHING about your brand.

Instead, when I use hashtags like: #societygal, #theimperfectboss, and #businessbabescollective // they put me RIGHT in front of my ideal audience because they’re more specific AND have less hits.

BONUS: Go through the hashtags you’re using, follow them, and comment on/like those photos when they pop up in your feed! The support is often reciprocated! 


When you’re talking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. ⁣⁣

You can’t keep expecting to get serious engagement and feedback when all your messaging starts with, “hey guys!!!” And ends with, “hope you ALL love it!” because it creates disconnect.⁣⁣

Don’t worry, this is a major thing I’M personally working on this year, so you’re not the only guilty one.⁣

You want to constantly be singling out ONE specific person (a.k.a ideal client/audience member) and talking to them so they begin to form that, “I always feel like you’re speaking DIRECTLY to me” response to your content.


In order to get people responding to your captions (and not just saying “so cute!!!”) you need to offer them an opportunity to join the conversation you’re initiating.⁣⁣⁣

Saying things like, “double tap if you can relate!” // “tag a friend below that needs this encouragement / could use this resource / would benefit from this event” // “instagram has been crazy this week, right?!” 😉 – encourages them to look *beyond* the pretty picture and actually ENGAGE.⁣

What are your favorite CTA’s to use when writing captions? ⁣


I see a LOT of peeps post a photo and then peace out instead of sticking around to engage with people liking and commenting on the photo.⁣⁣

Those first 30 mins of your post being live are CRUCIAL to how well it performs over the next 24 hours.⁣

If it gets some solid engagement in that time frame, it signals IG and lets that super duper awesome algorithm know that your post is BOMB and it needs to be pushed out to more of your followers so they can see it too!


There was once a point where I was going SO ham on my tough love posts that I was getting anywhere from 15-25+ shares per day, per post. My engagement increased, my audience grew, and my IG street cred SOARED like a freakin eagle.⁣

The point IS, you want to constantly be exposing your content to FRESH eyes.

While there are many ways you can encourage people to hit that airplane button and click “share,” some of my personal favorites include: providing value, telling a relatable story, and discussing digital marketing news!


Don’t you love when you find those people who share your passion for XYZ, have a similar mindset as you, and trigger that, “omg you GET it” response out of ya?⁣

Well, have you ever thought of going into THEIR comment section and responding to people leaving feedback on THEIR page?⁣

It’s one of the BEST ways to build community on here and connect with more like minded creatives. Also, barely ANYONE does it which means the time is NOW to swoop in there girlfriend! 💃🏽⁣


This is one of the BIGGEST ways you can increase your retention rate (and number of DM’s, a huge engagement indicator) because some people can’t listen with volume or just don’t want to.⁣⁣

Instead of them being forced to skip what you’re saying, the text explains what you’re talking about and holds their attention and interest.⁣⁣

👉🏼 Bonus: Get the app “@clipomatic!” It’s $4.99 but it will add subtitles to your videos + makes following through with this tip SO easy! ⁣⁣



Through takeovers, you’re able to connect with an audience that may not have discovered you otherwise!⁣⁣⁣

For example, I could takeover my friend Josie’s stories and share these 3 engagement tips with her audience of 100k. Or takeover Faith’s stories and teach photographers 3 tips on shooting with influencers.⁣⁣

Think about how you could provide another person’s audience value + then pitch that idea to them! Starting with friends / fellow content creators is a great place to begin!⁣⁣

And one angle people often don’t consider is having someone take over THEIR account.⁣⁣



Just like you geotag and add hashtags to your posts, you can now do that with stories and you SHOULD be!⁣⁣

You’ll have the opportunity to land in that hashtag’s stories OR in the top 9 of that location tag. You do not want to miss that chance!⁣⁣⁣

Whenever I use hashtags in my stories (you can use up to 10 there) I like to hide them by making them the same color as my background or putting a pic on top of them so they don’t look messy and distracting.⁣

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