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Friday, March 24th from 12pm - 4pm EST

Spoiler alert: you can make a full-time income from brands without having 10,000+ followers. The truth is...

Wonders if making 5-6 figures working with brands is even possible?

Is afraid they're not good enough to be in this space and fears getting rejected?

Is worried they need more followers before they can see the big checks roll in?

Doesn't know how to identify red and green flags when reading contracts?

Isn't very confident when talking about money with brands? 

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Do you consider yourself as someone who...

Let me fill you in on a little secret...

During the Design Your Ideal Income As A Creator Summit you'll learn a no-fluff approach to earning the kind of money you see others making. 

We're going to attack your fears and worries head on through a series of live interviews with industry leading experts. 

These conversations will peel back the curtain of the Creator Economy and provide you with actionable steps you can take to increase your monthly revenue while remaining in your zones of genius. 

Brands have a strong preference for working with small (nano - 39% and micro - 30%) creators ahead of expensive macro-creators (19%) and celebrities (12%). (Influencer Marketing Hub) 

Not to mention the Influencer Marketing Industry is set to grow to approximately $21.1 Billion in 2023 (Influencer Marketing Hub).

There has NEVER been more money in the creator space than there is right now. 

It's time for you to diversify your revenue streams, become a master negotiator,
and earn the full-time income you deserve.

I’m Kahlea Nicole -- Brand Collab Coach and creator of Network to Networth™!

N2N is my unique approach to working with brands that’s helped creators make nearly $500,000 in brand partnerships over the last couple of years. 

Working with brands is not just about sharing products on your social media account, but rather leveraging your monetizable skills and talents to meet their creative and marketing needs as a company.

As a Brand Collab Coach, I’m going to help you untangle the approaches you’ve been convinced are right for you, so you can finally step into your full-time creator position. 

Feeling lost on how to make consistent, good money as a creator is normal… but it doesn’t have to be. 

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On March 24th, you’re going to meet…

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Licensed Counselor & Certified Life Coach

Justin McNeil

brand marketing freelancer

Annie Jorgensen

lawyer & Influencer

Kameron Monet

full-time fashion influencer

Tayla Santos

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Before working with Kahlea, I had no clue on how to work with brands and felt insecure about my small audience. After working with Kahlea, I learned to leverage my high engagement with my audience and I was able to land my first hotel partnership!

"I was able to land my first hotel partnership!"

Travel Blogger

By simply attending this summit, you’ll walk away with an income earning strategy that aligns with your unique skillsets and the kind of business you want to run. 

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Licensed Pastoral Counselor & Certified Life Coach

Justin McNeil

Justin holds a PhD in Pastoral Theology and a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling from Heritage University and Seminary. He is a Temperament Counselor and Licensed Pastoral Counselor with the NCCA. He was ordained as a Pastor in 2007 at City of Life Church in Orlando, FL, where he currently serves as an Associate Pastor. His areas of focus involve leadership development and building community.

Justin has an exceptional gift to teach and counsel people in a creative and clear way for clients of various life stages. He aims to use his unique voice and creativity to inspire people to live with enthusiasm, to discover the power of God’s Truth, and to show love to everyone. As a pastor, he counts it an honor to walk with people on their most joyous days and on their most difficult days.

He and his wife of over 12 years, Amanda, reside in sunny Florida along with their son, Malachi. Temperament therapy helped him understand how to receive love as well as how to navigate through deep grief and crippling panic disorder. He now uses his combination of life experience, training, and a biblical foundation to equip leaders, walk with others on the path of healing, and teach methods of daily discipline to make way for achieving strong, healthy goals in life, relationships and business.

Credentials: MA Christian Counseling, PhD Pastoral Theology, NCCA Licensed Pastoral Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Certified group fitness instructor, 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher

Brand Marketing freelancer, Public Speaker & interview Coach

Annie Jorgensen

Annie has 4+ years experience working in brand and influencer marketing in the fashion, beauty, wellness, tech, and lifestyle spaces working with brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Rebecca Minkoff, Brilliant Earth, Bose, GE Lighting, and more.

She recently left her 9-5 at a PR Firm to freelance full time while balancing her own content creation as an influencer and public speaking and interview coach.

In her down time, Annie loves to try new workout classes, drink wine, and enjoy everything NYC has to offer. 

laywer & influencer

Kameron Monet

Kameron M. Buckner, Esq. is a licensed attorney, content creator, and influencer marketing consultant. Kameron began her career as an Associate Attorney practicing Employment Litigation, while simultaneously using social media to create content around fashion, beauty, lifestyle, as well as female professionalism and career building. 

Kameron has built an engaging and organic audience with over 140,000 followers across her platforms @kameronmonet, working with brands from Dove to McDonalds to Ulta Beauty.

After realizing her social media expertise and license to practice law could provide value for aspiring “Lawyer Influencers”, as well as educate content creators about the power of contracts when signing brand deals; Kameron quit her 9-to-5 law firm job, founded The Legal Tea, and now lives what she calls the best of both worlds.

full-time fashion influencer

Tayla Santos

As much as Tayla has always loved fashion, she also really enjoys using fashion to tell a story about who she is. By mixing elements of style and photography, she meticulously plans out all the content you see while scrolling through her socials. As far as her style, she shares casual, street chic outfits, focusing on a neutral color palette. She mixes feminine and masculine pieces, dressing down elevated pieces to create a relatable, everyday look.