With the Instagram app constantly updating and the algorithm not cutting us any slack, either – I have some fun tips for you to implement! Start using these hacks today:⁣ 1️⃣ OPTIMIZE YOUR NAME FIELD WITH KEYWORDS⁣ Instead of JUST having your name in that bold section in your bio, spice it up by added […]


While we CAN’T control how the algorithm ACTS, we CAN control how we RESPOND by making sure we’re not just pointing fingers at it, but actively working to combat it. Without further ado, I’m breaking down the Goliath of all tips when it comes to organically boosting your engagement on Instagram:⁣ Here’s where to start […]


Boosting your engagement. The topic everyone wants to know more about. Can you blame us?⁣ With the  algorithm constantly changing, we have to play to our strengths. By our strengths, I mean where social media trends are headed, aka video – more specifically, Instagram stories!⁣ By posting to Instagram Stories more often you have a […]


"Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Your words are so moving. For me, I never knew how to pitch to brands or where to start in this community. You have definitely giving me the treasure map." 

Christina Michelle

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